Glass Jar Range

Jars can be made to order with your own labels or ours. Jars include Hexagonal Jars, Octagonal Jars or Tall Hexagonal Bottles.

Varieties available in the Glass Jars include:

Almonds - Blanched

Almonds - Raw

Almonds - Roasted

Almonds - Smoked

Cashews - Salted

Caramelised Honey Assorted Nuts

Caramelised Honey Cashews & Peanuts

Caramelised Honey Macadamias & Peanuts

Caramelised Almonds

Caramelised Cashews

Caramelised Cashews & Peanuts

Caramelised Macadamias

Caramelised Mixed Nuts

Caramelised Peanuts

Crushed Rock - Salted & Chili Assorted Nuts

Elite Nut Mix

French Vanilla Peanuts & Almonds

Fruit & Nut Mix

Fruit Medley

Hot & Crunchy Madras Curried Nuts

Japanese Assorted Peanut Crackers

Jelly Beans

Macadamias - Raw

Macadamias - Roasted

Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut

Mixed Nuts - Salted

Peanut Crackers - Japanese

Peanut Crackers - Sesame Curry

Peanuts - Hot Crunchy

Peanuts - Roasted (Australian)

Pistachios - In Shell

Roasted Sesame Seed Peanut Crackers

Spicy Bar Bits

Toffee Dipped Almonds & Peanuts

Vanilla Almonds& Peanuts

Vanilla Peanuts

For further enquires regarding the products listed, or other great Snax with Attitude products please call 03 9532 1588 or email us at

Packaging is selected for longest best before.


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